247 GP After Care

247 GP After Care is an additional service applicable to patients who are registered for the service. In order to register for this additional offering, you need to have satisfied the following conditions:

  1. A pre-existing patient of 247 GP
  2. You need to have been seen by one of the doctors of 247 GP
    Therefore, you may be registered on the system and never consulted; you are not able to register for 247 GP After Care.

This additional service operates at the following times:

  • Friday: 6 pm to 1 am
  • Saturday: 6 pm to 1 am
  • Sunday: 6 pm to 1 am

247 GP and 247 GP After Care are closed from 1 am to 8 am.

At all other times, you will need to make use of our usual service, 247 GP, or your local emergency services.

How the service works

  1. There is a specific telephone number to contact the doctor on call. The number will be sent to you once you have been registered for the 247 GP After Care service and your registration has been confirmed. This number only applies to 247 GP After Care and is only operational during the service times: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6 pm to 1 am.
  2. The phone calls will be answered by the doctor. If the call is not answered, we may be busy on an existing call or busy with a consultation. Please leave a message or send an sms with the patients name, surname and contact details. If the medical problem cannot wait, then please contact your local emergency services.
  3. Any calls outside of the operating hours will not be answered.
  4. The consulting services offered are for GP-based medical conditions, and not for severe or life threatening conditions.
  5. The consulting services will be one of two types only, at the discretion of the doctor on call:
    Telephonic consult, or
    Consultation at the practice
  6. During the telephonic consultation, should the doctor feel that you should be seen, then you will only be charged for a Consultation at the practice. The doctor may decide to forgo the telephonic consult, and you will be asked to come in for a Consultation at the practice. The discretion of the doctor must be respected.

The rates for these services are as follows

Telephonic consult: R257

Consultation at the practice from 6 pm to 1 am: R720

These rates exclude any additional procedures or medications or materials used during the consultation. These rates are not negotiable, and while every effort will be made to accommodate patients, the discretion of the doctor must be respected. If a patient cannot be seen before 10 pm, then the additional fee will apply.

Conditions of payment and liability

In terms of the conditions of payment and liability for the account, please refer to our FAQ section for 247 GP. The responsibility for the account remains with the patient or their legal guardian or the main member of the account.

Immediate payment must be made upon completion of a consultation at the practice.

Telephonic consultations will be billed the following day, and payment must be made within 48 hours.


When completing the registration documents, you must provide 1 to 2 telephone numbers that will be used to contact the 247 GP After Care line. These numbers will be stored in our patient database. When you call the service, we will be able to identify you as a registered patient as your number will appear on our screen.

Calls will not be answered if:

  1. Your number is blocked
  2. You call from an unregistered number
  3. Any other reason that results in your number not displaying on our screen

You may not use the service for an unregistered patient.

Your primary care will always remain with your GP. Every effort will be made to stabilise your condition, but if deemed necessary, every effort will be made to return you to your primary care practitioner.

Registration forms

By downloading the registration forms and sending them through, you agree to the terms and conditions of the service.

Click here to download the registration forms.