HPV Vaccine (“Cervical Cancer Vaccine”)

Two vaccines are available to prevent the human papillomavirus (HPV) types that cause most cervical cancers. These vaccines are the bivalent vaccine (Cervarix) and the quadrivalent vaccine (Gardasil). Both vaccines are given in 3 injections over a 6-month period.

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Yellow fever information sheet

  •  Yellow fever is an acute viral haemorrhagic disease transmitted by infected mosquitoes.
  • Up to 50% of severely affected persons without treatment will die from yellow fever.
  • The virus is endemic in tropical areas of Africa and South America.
  • The number of yellow fever cases has increased over the past two decades due to declining population immunity to infection, deforestation, urbanization, population movements and climate change.
  • There is no cure for yellow fever. Treatment is symptomatic, aimed at reducing the symptoms for the comfort of the patient.
  • Vaccination is the most important preventive measure against yellow fever. The vaccine is safe, affordable and highly effective. The vaccine provides effective immunity within one week for 95% of persons vaccinated.
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Yellow Fever vaccination requirements and Malaria risk for individual Countries

The information provided for each country includes the country’s stated requirements for yellow fever vaccination, WHO recommendation for travellers regarding yellow fever vaccinations, and details concerning the malaria situation and recommended prevention of the disease.

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