Psychologist: Aimee Dube Langkilde

Aimee understands that beginning therapy can feel overwhelming, and she believes in adopting a gentle and inclusive approach with her patients. She looks at why people do things without realizing it (unconscious motivations) and guides them to make positive changes to their problematic behaviours, thoughts, and emotions. 

Aimee has gained a lot of experience by immersing herself in diverse situations and working with various types of people, including communities, teachers, refugees, infants, inmates, mothers, fathers, children, adolescents, and adults.

Aimee has a special interest in educational assessments, working with children, and trauma. Her goal is to empower her patients, instill hope, and create opportunities to enhance their unique strengths and abilities.

Recognizing the significance of infant and maternal mental health, Aimee guides her patients in nurturing and strengthening attachment relationships. She is also a trained parent-infant psychotherapist. Additionally, she is a member of the Institute of Psychodynamic Child Psychotherapy, demonstrating her commitment to her field.