Affordable Crowns & Bridges in Fourways

Get quality and affordable crowns and bridges at 247 Medical & Dental Centre. Crowns and bridges restore the function of your teeth and improve the appearance of your smile.

Restore your Smile

Dental crowns and bridges are dental solutions that are used to repair or replace damaged, decayed or missing teeth. 

Crowns are dental caps that are placed over broken or decayed teeth to protect and repair them. They allow you to eat normally without pain or sensitivity, and prevent infection or damage from getting worse.

Bridges are used to close the gaps of missing teeth. We attach them to the teeth or implants next to the gaps. They ensure that your teeth function properly and cannot shift. Book your appointment.

Crowns and Bridges

Our Dental Prices

Prices provided are estimates and subject to change based on patient assessments. 2024 lab fee prices pending.

Crowns (incl. lab fees) Price *
Consultation (including pan x-ray) From R1,200.00
1 Crown From R6,100.00
2 Crowns From R11,900.00
3 Crowns From R19,900.00
Bridges (incl. lab fees) Price *
Consultation (including pan x-ray) From R1,200.00
3 unit Bridge From R20,300.00
4 unit Bridge From R27,700.00
5 unit Bridge From R35,000.00
6 unit Bridge From R42,500.00

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Dr. Craig Leolo (M)

Available: Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM
Weekends: 2 Saturdays a month, 9AM – 2PM

Dr Craig Leolo

Dr. Kea Molefe (F)

Available: Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM
Weekends: Saturdays and Sundays, 9AM – 2PM

Dr Kea Molefe

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