Mitch Jardine:
Physiotherapist in Fourways

Physiotherapist in Fourways

Mitch is a truly compassionate Physiotherapist who loves what he doesHe has extensive experience in diverse areas of physiotherapy, from stroke rehabilitation to orthopaedics, cardiopulmonary care, and pediatric therapy, his extensive exposure equips him to deliver comprehensive care to a wide spectrum of patients.

Mitch also enjoys sports physiotherapy, and is the lead physiotherapist at Raiders Rugby Club. His primary focus at the club is to optimize player performance and facilitate swift recovery throughout the demanding season. He is ODNS dry needling certified – a treatment modality which promotes pain relief and overall wellness in many of his patients.

 Mitch treats the following conditions:

– Injuries to muscles, bones, ligaments, and joints, such as sprains, strains, fractures, and dislocations.
– Back and neck pain
– Recovery after surgery
– Sports and work injuries
– Neurological disorders
– Heart and Lung Issues
– Children’s developmental issues
– Aging concerns
– Posture
– Chronic Pain

First Assessment - 45 mins - 60 mins From R680
Follow Up Appointment From R580