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247 Medical & Dental Centre offers trusted, high quality and affordable dental services in the heart of Fourways. Open 7 days a week, except public holidays.

A trusted Family Dentist Near You

Our patients’ trust and recommendations reflect our quality treatment and family values, making us a top choice. We prioritize affordability without sacrificing quality, evident in our service ratings and modern facilities. Conveniently located in Infinity Business Park, off William Nicol, we serve patients in Fourways, Dainfern, Broadacres, Beverly, Lonehill, and surrounding areas.

We offer flexible appointments and accept walk-ins between 09:00 and 17:00 Mon – Fri. Experience exceptional dental care that will not break the budget at 247 Medical and Dental Centre.  Book Dental Appointment.

Our Dental Prices

Prices provided are estimates and subject to change based on patient assessments. Excludes dental lab fees and/or retainers unless specified. 2024 lab fee prices pending.

Procedure Price *
Consultation (incl. 2 intra-oral x-rays) From R920,00.00
Cleaning (scale and polish) From R1,250.00
Cleaning (for children) From R1,880.00
Cleaning (polish) From R1,400.00
Fillings (front) From R1,100.00
Fillings (back) From R1,400.00
Tooth Extractions (simple) From R1,100.00
Tooth Extraction (surgical) - Typically wisdom teeth From R2,200.00
Teeth Whitening (incl. complimentary teeth cleaning) From R3,500.00
Root Canal (front) From R6,000.00
Root Canal (back) From R7,220.00
Braces Price *
PAYMENT PLAN: Consultation (Incl. Pan X-ray. Excl. Ceph. X-ray) – R2,400.00 (Visit 1); Deposit – R6,200.00 (Visit 2); Monthly Payment (Over 20 months) – R1,200.00 R32,600.00 *Excludes retainer
UPFRONT: Consultation (Incl. Pan X-ray. Excl. Ceph. X-ray) – R2,400.00 (Visit 1); Upfront Payment – R32,600.00 (Visit 2) R32,600.00 *Excludes retainer
Dentures Price *
1 or 2 Dentures (excludes lab fees) From R2,800.00
3, 4 or 5 Dentures (excludes lab fees) From R3,300.00
5 - 10 Dentures (excludes lab fees) From R4,400.00
Complete Upper OR Lower Dentures From R4,700.00
Complete Upper AND Lower Dentures From R10,500.00
Crowns (incl. lab fees) Price *
Consultation (including pan x-ray) From R1,200.00
1 Crown From R6,100.00
2 Crowns From R11,900.00
3 Crowns From R19,900.00
Bridges (incl. lab fees) Price *
Consultation (including pan x-ray) From R1,200.00
3 unit Bridge From R20,300.00
4 unit Bridge From R27,700.00
5 unit Bridge From R35,000.00
6 unit Bridge From R42,500.00
Veneers (incl. lab fees) Price *
Consultation (incl. 2 intral-oral x-rays) From R920,00.00
1 Veneer From R6,000.00
2 Veneers From R10,800.00
3 Veneers From R15,500.00
4 Veneers From R18,800.00
5 Veneers From R23,000.00
6 Veneers From R27,300.00
7 Veneers From R31,500.00
8 Veneers From R35,800.00
9 Veneers From R40,000.00
10 Veneers From R42,500.00

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Dr. Craig Leolo (M)

Available: Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM
Weekends: 2 Saturdays a month, 9AM – 2PM

Dr. Kea Molefe (F)

Available: Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM
Weekends: Saturdays and Sundays, 9AM – 2PM

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