Pay for Fixed Braces Over Time

Get your perfect smile with dependable and affordable fixed braces at 247 Medical & Dental Centre. Fixed braces are used to correct even the most advanced dental issues with effective and predictable results. 

Fixed Braces

The Predictable Solution

Fixed braces are the reliable and trustworthy option for correcting dental problems such as overbites, underbites, rotations, crowded teeth, gaps and misalignments. Even the most advanced dental problems can be corrected. Because fixed braces are attached to your teeth, the gentle pressure that moves your teeth in the right direction is constant, achieving faster results and giving you peace of mind that your dentist is completely in control of the process.

The process is simple: Initial consultation and assessment, medical aid submission or quote approval, custom braces designed and made, consultation with fitting, monthly follow-up appointments. Book Dental Appointment.

Our Dental Prices

Prices provided are estimates and subject to change based on patient assessments. Excludes dental lab fees and/or retainers unless specified. 2024 lab fee prices pending.

Braces Price *
PAYMENT PLAN: Consultation (Incl. Pan X-ray. Excl. Ceph. X-ray) – R2,400.00 (Visit 1); Deposit – R6,200.00 (Visit 2); Monthly Payment (Over 20 months) – R1,200.00 R32,600.00 *Excludes retainer
UPFRONT: Consultation (Incl. Pan X-ray. Excl. Ceph. X-ray) – R2,400.00 (Visit 1); Upfront Payment – R30,200.00 (Visit 2) R32,600.00 *Excludes retainer

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